Steve's Garage

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Hand Soap with Horse Power!

Steve's Garage cleans hard-working hands of dirt, grease, motor oil and other petroleum-based grime and odors without the use of harsh chemicals that strip skin of precious oils. Finely-ground pumice combined with orange, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils cuts through the toughest, greasy grime while activated charcoal absorbs the odors to be washed away. Removes pine pitch too. Go ahead get dirty!

Tip: A great way to keep your soap dry (and prolong its life) is to store it on an upside down hand brush. 

Ingredients include: Saponified oils of organic palm, palm kernel, olive, castor, avocado, beeswax, cocoa butter; lavender, orange and eucalyptus essential oils; pumice and activated charcoal.