Handcrafted soaps that 'DO SOMETHING' for you!

Outdoor Collection Trio

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Field-tested. Outfitter approved. The Outdoor Collection Trio contains the most popular of our outdoor soaps in one convenient package. 

  • Bug Off Bar Ditch the DEET! Our Bug Off Bar packs a reliable, insect-repelling punch–naturally, with essential oils of citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint.
    For best results, apply to exposed areas and rinse if desired. Refresh protection by wetting the bar and spreading lather on exposed skin.

  • Fish On! Angler's Soap Naturally-formulated with activated charcoal and pure anise essential oil, Fish On! Angler’s Soap removes ‘fishy’ odors from hands; and helps mask human scent while attracting fish. To attract fish: scrape small amount of solid soap into jig crevices and refresh as needed. Excellent scent to entice crappies and finicky panfish. Stow dry.
  • All-in-one Camp Soap All a 'Happy Camper' needs. All-in-one Camp Soap lathers easily and confidently cleans hair, body, clothes, dishes and more without stripping precious oils from the skin or contributing to chemical, environmental damage. Tip:  Slip soap into a ‘knee high’ nylon and hang to dry. Excellent makeshift scrubber and dish cloth.

Sustainably-harvested and organic oils are used when possible, along with pure essential oils. Biodegradable. 100% Recyclable.