• Non-slip Soap Net

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    Dump the pump and never drop your soap again! 

    Soap nets with powder-coated and aluminum carabiners stand up to the toughest field conditions and are also a great non-slip shower/bath solution. Soap nets are especially useful for people with limited mobility.

    For best results: insert your soap bar in the expandible net and hang the net on your wrist to use. The soft plastic mesh gently exfoliates. To store, leave your soap bar in the net, rinse off the remaining suds and hang to dry. Won't mold or mildew like loofahs or cloth. Select from various bead colors (shapes vary). 

    Also clip to your belt, back pack, golf bag and more.

    Note: Fits all but Jumbo-sized bars; also avoid using soap nets with activated charcoal soaps. The activated charcoal slowly erodes the soft plastic.