About Us

Jasper Lee Soapworks LLC handcrafts a wide variety of high performance, outdoor & artisan soaps for online retail and B2B wholesale.

Soapmaker Carol Jasper's love of soaping began in 1999 after a talk with her grandmother. Long story short, she decided to make a batch of soap 'by hand' for her Grandmother Gert's birthday, and has been hooked on soaping ever since.

Carol comes from a long line of DIYers and outdoor enthusiasts, and as the years went by, she just naturally started making a soap 'for this' and then a soap ‘for that,' and before she knew it, she had a complete line of useful and highly-effective products that had been rigorously 'field-tested' and 'approved’ by the toughest of critics—her family, her friends and herself!

Every step in the formulation, production and packaging is carried out in as earth-friendly a manner as possible. Soap bases are made with plant-based, food grade oils that have been ethically-sourced. Additives include therapeutic-level essential oils, medical-grade hardwood activated charcoal (low ph) and natural colorants. Molds are lined with unbleached, recycled paper and then paper-labeled and sealed with compostable shrink wrap (Biolefin). Soaps are also sold in rust-resistant tins and recyclable mesh bags. 

For a good part of the year, you can find us at the Des Moines Downtown Farmers' Market and at the City Market, River Market in Kansas City. See our show schedule for more details.

Carol's professional background includes over 25 years of experience working in the manufacturing industry as a technical writer, documentation manager and corporate executive.