About Us

Jasper Lee Soapworks LLC handcrafts a wide variety of high performance, outdoor & artisan soaps for online retail and B2B wholesale. Private label service is available to wholesale accounts.

'Love of Soaping' Meets DIY

Founder & CEO Carol Jasper: My 'love of soaping' began in 1999 after learning about it from my grandmother Gert who often helped her mother make their family’s yearly soap supply. What surprised me most was that instead of hearing about it as a nostalgic ‘good ol' days’ story, she remembered it as a loathsome task that was smelly, tiring and even ‘dangerous.’  

That made me want to learn more, so I started researching cold process soapmaking and poured my first batch of Rosemary Mint soap in time for Gert's 90th birthday. She loved her 'birthday soap' and I’ve been hooked on soaping ever since.

Over the years, I became intrigued with the challenge of starting a handcrafted soap business and took the first steps toward business formation in October 2013. Jasper Lee Soapworks LLC was then officially established in January 2014.

From a business perspective, it became clear that if we were going to grow, we needed to be centrally-located, so we moved from the Lake Superior region to central Missouri in February 2015. We have a strong presence in Missouri. For a good part of the year you can find us at the City Market, River Market in Kansas City and at various other fairs and festivals. See our show schedule for current details.

Carol Jasper's professional background includes over 25 years of experience working in the manufacturing industry as a technical writer, documentation manager and corporate executive.

Mission Statement

Enhancing the enjoyment of outdoor activities, hands-on projects and overall cleansing with useful, skin-nourishing soaps.